Purchase Order Workflow

Purchase Order Workflow

Purchase Order Workflow

There are 2 ways to create a new Purchase Order :
  1. From scratch from the “Purchase order” menu, using the button “Create a new Purchase Order”
  2. From the supply needs screen (see the previous section in this help)
At the very first stage, a Purchase Order is in status “Draft”, it means that it is NOT considered by the system.

2.1 Purchase Order Status

Draft : When you create a PO the first status that will be assigned is the draft.

Pending supplier confirmation : When the PO is created and drafted, the company has to check for the next confirmation and if the PO is correct then pending supplier confirmation status is given manually for internal processing.

Pending supplier confirmation : Once the PO is perfect and given for the supplier notify, then the status is changed automatically to Pending supplier confirmation.

Expected : This is the manual status given by the user. Once the supplier has confirmed about the products then this status is changed manually.

Complete : The order has been received and scanned then the status will be automatically changed to complete.

Canceled : This is a manual status set by the user, If the PO is not proper then we can change the status to canceled manually.

2.2 Add a product to your order

 You can add products in the PO using the “Add products” tab : check the products you want to add, fill the quantity (or keep empty for 1) and click on the save button.

When you add a product to the PO, the supplier SKU and the buying price are automatically filled from the product / supplier association tab 

2.3 Edit the product buying price

Buying price : this is the gross buying price which is filled into the “products” tab in a purchase order.

Buying price with landing costs : this cost is calculated using the product buying price plus the landing costs. Landing costs are calculated at the PO level, using the shipping cost and the additional cost fields available in the “Miscellaneous tab”. 

2.4 Print or export a Purchase order

From the Purchase Orders >> Export button at the left side of the screen.

You have to choose the PO from the grid and choose "Export" and click on submit. This will allow you to download details of the PO in csv format.

Note: Mass export must be done for PO with the same supplier only.

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