Assign lot & serial numbers to purchase order received items

Assign lot & serial numbers to purchase order received items

Purchase orders reception screen

The second way to change sources stock level will be through purchase order receptions.

In fact, a new pop-up will be displayable from the purchase order reception screen, allowing to select for each product to receive having a traceability mode assigned, which source(s) will be incremented by the product reception.
This pop-up will be available clicking on the pencil icon displayed for each product row inside the new "Sources" column added to this screen :

Another way to open this pop-up is to scan the barcode of a product having a traceability mode assigned.
The buttons allowing to increment/decrement the value of the "Qty received" field and the field itself will not be usable for all products having a traceability mode assigned, as we can see on the screenshot below for the first and third products.

Source details pop-up

For each product having a traceability mode, you will have to assign the its qty to receive to source(s).
This will then help myFulfillment to associate source(s) to stock movement(s) created when the reception is created.

For it, open the "Sources details" pop-up using the pencil icon available in the "Sources" column or scanning a product barcode.
The "Source details" pop-up looks like :

It is divided in 2 differents sections :
  1. "New source" section : From there you will be able to define information of sources that will be created by the purchase order reception
  2. "Sources to create" section : Here will be listed all sources added from the "New source" section for the current product.
Once all needed sources have been set for a product (you should see "0 qty left" at the top-right corner of the pop-up), you can close the pop-up clicking on "Save".
Sources details already set will then be displayed in the "Sources" column of the reception screen :

No sources will be created yet at this moment, meaning you can still edit any product sources opening the pop-up again.
Sources will only be created and their stock level incremented once the purchase order reception will be saved.

Once you have defined all sources needed for products having a traceability mode, simply click on Save as usual to create the purchase order reception.

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