Once your configuration is ready, you will have to activate the repricing in order to export the calculated prices on your site and on the different marketplace.*


You will find the logo of the different marketplace you subscribed for the repricing.
By clicking on the logo, you will be able to parameter the repricing for each marketplace.


Activate : Activate or desactivate the repricing
Method : Choose the method to save the price calculated by the application on your CMS
  1. Price
This method will erase the old price and replace it by the one we calculted.
It is highly recommended to do a backup of your actual price before using this method
  1. Specificprice_amount
This method will save the new price in a new attribute.
The old price will be kept and displayed as a crossed out price.
  1. Specificprice_percentage
This method will save the new price in a new attribute.
The old price will be kept and the new price will be display with the percentage associated with.

Shop : Choose your shop

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