Royal Mail Integration

Royal Mail Integration

To setup Royal Mail, select menu WIzard and click on the "Royal Mail" Wizard.

You will need to enter some credentials provided by royal Mail, here is the procedure to get them.

Register on developper website

Go on website and create a new account (or use existing one if applies)
Then, select menu "My Apps" and click on button Create a new app in the top right corner : 

Create the new App with Application name : "MyFulfillment XXXXX - Test API". You must replace XXXX with your royal mail account number  :

Once the application is created, you must subscribe to API, for this click on the link at the bottom : 

Then click on "Royal Mail API Shipping V3" : 

And then on Subscribe : 

Once Royal Mail approves your subscription, you will receive the Client Secret and Client ID by email

Add Royal Mail Carrier

From Boostmyshop Application, select menu "Wizard" and Click on Royal Mail :
To configure Royal Mail you need : 

  1. Client ID : this is the client ID from your subscription on Royal Mail Developer portal
  2. Client Secret : this is the client ID from your subscription on Royal Mail Developer portal
  3. Username : this is your royal mail client ID + "API"
  4. Password : this is your ProShipping portal password
  5. Description of goods : used for international shipments
Then fill the ship from address and click on button "Continue" to complete the configuration

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