Sales Channels

Sales Channels

By going to Settings > Sales Channels, you will access the Sales Channel Management Center, which makes it easy to discover and manage all available sales channels.


Connected Sales Channel

In this part, you will see a list of all connected channels on your account. For each connected channel, you will have an insert channel cart.


In this insert, you will find :

       1. The sales channel logo
       2. The name of the sales channel
       3. The target country of the sales channel
       4. Your store name
       5. Your store ID
       6. Sales Channel Status
       7. A button to reconnect or disconnect  the sales channel

Explore Sales Channels
This section lists all the sales channels supported by myPricing.

For each sales channel, you will have either:
-  "Connect" button to establish the connection directly
-  "Request access" button to make a request via chat to connect the channel in question


You can search/filter this list by typing the sales channel name in the search box in here

Request a new channel

Your sales channel is not in the list? 

You have the possibility to request the addition of a new channel.
To do so, simply click on the button :   


A window will open, you can fill in the name of the desired sales channel and the channel link.


Our support team will get in touch with you and technical team to see the possibility of adding the new requested channel.

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