Shipping label / Tracking step

Shipping label / Tracking step

Shipping label / Tracking step


Export to shipping software

Once shipping information are filled for selected order, system is able to create a file (using the shipping label template) to export order information in shipping software and print shipping labels.

To download the shipping file, click on the link “Export for XXX” into the Export order details section.

Then, you will get a csv / text or xml file that you can import into your shipping software to print the shipping label.

To get more information on how to import an order information file in the shipping software, please read the user manual of the software.

Import tracking numbers

Once orders are sent to your shipping software and shipping label are printed, your shipping software create a file with the shipment list and tracking numbers.

You need to import this file in your system to associate the tracking numbers with shipments.

To import the file, select the template in the drop down list and select your file in Import tracking file section and click on Import button.

Once all the tracking numbers are imported, you should see the tracking imported into the Orders to ship section list below.

You have also the possibility to fill manually the tracking number in this list for each order row in the Tracking # column fields, and then click on the Save tracking numbers button.

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