Stock Helper

Stock Helper

Stock Helper

The stock helper screen has been designed to help you to optimize your products ideal & warning stock levels depending of procurement and sales history data.

To reach the stock helper screen :

In the stock helper grid, you will find one row by product by warehouse associated.

It is composed by the following columns :

ImageProduct image.
    Product barcode
SkuProduct sku.
ProductProduct name.
WarehouseWarehouse associated to the product.
Available QtyQuantity available for the product, in the warehouse of the previous column.
HistorySales history of the product.
Avg per weekNumber of sales per week (calculated from sales history).
Lead timeNumber of days needed by the supplier associated to the product for sending (supplier supply delay + supplier shipping delay).
Run out (days)Number of days until the product will be out of stock (calculed from its available qty & avg sales per week).
Warning stock levelProduct warning stock level.
Ideal stock levelProduct ideal stock level. 
Qty to orderSuggested qty to order (calculated from pending backorders, product warning stock level & qty to receive).
SuppliersSuppliers associated to the product.
DiscontinuedProduct “discontinued” attribute.
To fill a custom value for warning stock level and ideal stock level, just untick the checkbox and fill the custyom value in the new field displaying just below.

Then click on save button.

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