Stock take issue : duplicate SKUs identified

Stock take issue : duplicate SKUs identified


This article explains how to fix error « duplicate skus identified »

This error happens if you have duplicate skus in your products :

To work correctly, your Skus must be unique. Stock take in Myfulfillment can be done with a scanner, so, a sku must be assigned to only one product.

To fix this issue, you have two solutions :

- Delete the duplicate sku in your product page on Myfulfillment if it's the same article.

- Modify one of the skus in your CMS if it's not the same article and update yours products on Myfulfillment.

How to fix on Myfulfillment

How to fix on Shopify

How to fix on Prestashop

How to update your products

To do that, you must launch the UPDATE_PRODUCT feed which can be found here : Integration → Manage Integrations → « Your CMS » → Feeds tab

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