Store pickup management

Store pickup management

This article explains how to configure and use Connect to handle store pickup ordes : customer orders online but pick product in your shop or warehouse

1. Shipping method mapping

First of all, it is recommended to configure integration to import the order with Store pickup shipping method.
To do it, select menu integrations > integration, and click on the magento / prestashop / shopify integration.
Then, go in the "configuration" tab and scroll down until the Shipping method mapping section : 

In this section, mapp all "store pickup" methods in your CMS to "Store pickup" Connect shipping method.

This way, orders imported in Connect will have the right shipping method : 

2. Confirm shipment when customer pick the order

When customer comes in your shop / warehouse to pick the order, you must manually create a shipment in Connect to adjust stock level and confirm the order picking.

To do it, click on the order and select tab "New shipment" : 

Confirm the quantities for each product, tick checkbox "Create full invoice" and click on button "Create shipment"

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