Supplier Invoices

Supplier Invoices

The supplier invoices feature is designed to allow you to create supplier invoices and link them to one / or several purchase order(s).

I. How to create a supplier invoice

There is two ways to create a supplier invoice : 

1- From a purchase order directly 

When you go into a purchase order from Menu > Purchasing > Purchase orders > your purchase order

Then from the 'Invoices' tab you can create a new invoice by clicking on the 'Create new invoice' link

Note that the invoice is created from the purchase order meaning that the purchase order total will be pre-filled into the supplier invoice

Two fields will be filled automatically :
-The 'Total' field from the 'General' tab
-The 'Amount applied' from the 'Orders tab > Related orders section > your purchase order' associated to the invoice.

These two amounts pre-filled will be the total of the purchase order.

You can modify these two fields in order to adjust the total of the invoice and the amount applied to the purchase order.

2- From Menu > Accounting > Supplier invoices

When you go into Accounting > Supplier invoices :

You can create a new supplier invoice by clicking on the 'Add new invoice' button at the bottom right of the screen :

You have then to fill information into the invoice.

Now that the supplier invoice is created and informations filled, you can see now the "Total" of the invoice, the "Balance due" and the "Total to apply".

II. How to link a supplier invoice to a purchase order

If you need to link a supplier invoice to a purchase order, you have to go into the supplier invoice, then from the 'Orders' tab in the 'Link order' section, choose the purchase order to associate, fill the amount applied into the "Total" field, based on the supplier invoice total, then click on the 'Associate' button.

Once done the purchase order associated will be displayed just below into the 'Related orders' section.

Once a Purchase order is associated into the supplier invoice and its amount applied filled, the purchase order information of the 'Total invoiced' is updated: 

III. How to create payment from a supplier invoice 

To create a payment on a supplier invoice you have to go in the supplier invoice into the 'Payments' tabs

Here you can add payment done for this invoice :

Once a payment is added the "Balance due" of the invoice is updated.

Once the total of payment reach the total of the invoice, the invoice status will change to 'paid', updating by the same way the "Balance due".

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