Orders update

Orders update

Orders update

An order update feed is available in MyFullfment, updating order statuses when the they are updated in your CMS.
This feed is located into Menu > Integration > Manage integration > [Select your CMS integration] > Feeds > Update orders

Magento integrations

The Update orders feed will only update orders having the following state in Magento : 
  1. Complete = meaning that order has the status "complete" and products have been shipped into your magento, will be modified to complete status and shipped (if possible) into Connect too.
  2. Canceled = order will be canceled into Connect, product stock reserved will be decreased
  3. On hold = order will be holded into Connect
There is one specification for Magento 1 integrations, where you have to enable order statuses you want to update when the feed is run.

To do that, please go into menu : Integration > Manage integration > [Select your Magento 1 integration] > Configuration > Order update section : 

Then, select which order statuses should be managed by the order update feed.

Prestashop integrations

You have two options for order updates with a prestashop integration.

You can update order's status in Prestashop depending on the status in myFulfillment :

Select the status you want to see in prestashop for canceled, on hold, unholded, backorder and in progress orders in myFulfillment

The other option allows to cancel orders in myFulfillment depending on their Prestashop status :

Any selected status in this list, if found on your prestashop will cancel the order in myFulfillment

In Prestashop, order statuses having options "Set the order as shipped" or "Show delivery PDF" enabled (go into "Order statuses" section in your Prestashop and select an order status to see its option), will be considered as "shipped" statuses.
So, the order update feed will ship orders having these statuses associated in MyFullfilment when it is executed.

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