Users management

Users management

When Boostmyshop setups your account, we provide a main user account with admin permissions.

If you want to manage users (add, disable, edit), select menu Settings > Users tab :

Add new user

To add a new user, enter the user details in the last row and click on the save button : 

Note : depending of your subscription, the number of users is limited. You can see the limit above the new user row : 

Edit a user

From the same screen, edit user details : 
  1. To disable a user (prevent him/her to login), change Active to "no" and save
  2. To change the password, select action "Change password" in the dropdown menu on the right
  3. To delete a user select action "Delete" in the dropdown menu on the right

Note : current user can not be edited, you can only change current user password and locale.

User permissions

Currently, it is not possible to assign specific permission to a user unless you are on a custom server, contact Boostmyshop for this.

User login restrictions

Every Connect accounts is restricted to 1 use at the same time.

It means that if you share your login, you will be logged out automatically if another person your login

Permissions details

Account administratorAll featureOrder pickerBuyerLogisticAccountantCustomer service
Menu ProductsVVXVVVV
products gridVVXVVVV
Customer > parentVVXXXVV
Customer > indexVVXXXVV
Customer > customerVVXXXVV
SalesScreen > salesorderVVXVXVV
SalesScreen > salesordergridVVXVXVV
SalesScreen > salesinvoicesgridVVXXXVV
SalesScreen > shipmentgridVVXXVVV
Organizer > organizerVVVVVVV
OrderPreparation > operationsVVVXVXV
OrderPreparation > preparationVVVXVXV
OrderPreparation > packing_show_global_qty_buttonsVVVVVVV
OrderPreparation > packing_show_qty_buttonsVVVVVVV
OrderPreparation > carrier_templateVVXXXXX
Rma > operationsVVXXXVV
Rma > rmaVVXXXVV
Sales > sales_operationVVXXXXV
Sales > sales_orderVVXXXXV
Sales > actionsVVXXXXV
Sales > reorderVVXXXXV
Sales > actions_editVVXXXXV
Sales > cancelVVXXXXV
Sales > invoiceVVXXXXV
Sales > creditmemoVVXXXXV
Sales > holdVVXXXXV
Sales > unholdVVXXXXV
Sales > shipVVXXXXX
sales > ShiptheoryVVXXXXX
Accounting > cogsVVXXXVX
Menu inventory
Inventory > operationsVVXVVXV
Inventory > productVVXVVXV
Inventory > warehouseVVXXXVX
Inventory > warehouse_routingVVXXXXX
Inventory > mass_stock_editorVVXXXXX
Inventory > stock_movementVVXVVVX
Inventory > stock_movement_deleteVVXXXXX
Inventory > low_stockVVXVVVX
Inventory > transferVVXXVVX
Inventory > stock_takeVVXXVVX
Inventory > Barcode inventoryVVXXVXX
Menu PurchasingVVXVXVV
Purchasing > operationsVVXVXVX
Purchasing > suppliersVVXVXVX
Purchasing > product_supplierVVXVXVX
Purchasing > purchase_ordersVVXVXVV
Purchasing > transitVVXVXXV
Purchasing > replenishmentVVXVXXX
Purchasing  > supplier_invoiceVVXVXVX
Purchasing > supplier_paymentsVVXVXVX
Purchasing >SupplierReturnVVXVXVX
Purchasing > DropShip VVXVXXX
Purchasing > AutoPoVVXXXXX
Accounting > All menus
Menu IntegrationsVVXXXXX
Reports > All menusVVXXXVX
Menu AccountVXXXXXX

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