Virtual products

Virtual products


Boostmyshop supports product type virtual : a virtual product does not physically exist.

Virtual product examples : 
  1. Gift card that can be printed from your website
  2. Services
  3. Specific fees
  4. Guarantee

Specific behaviours for a virtual product : 
  1. You can not manage stock level for a virtual product
  2. A virtual product can not be shipped, you will never see a virtual product in the order preparation screen or in the picking list.
  3. A virtual product can not be purchased, thus you can not add it in a purchase order, also you will not have any purchasing recommendation about it

Also, when an order is imported, the virtual product is automatically marked as "shipped". If an order contains only a virtual product, the order status will automatically move to complete.

Convert a product to virtual

Products imported from CMS (Magento, Prestashop, Shopify) are never imported as virtual product, you must convert them manually.

To convert a product to virtual, go within the product view and click on button "Convert to virtual" at the bottom : 

To check the product type, you can do it from the product grid : 

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