Zebra printer configuration

Zebra printer configuration

BMS Mobile can work with Zebra mobile printers to print specific document.

This document explains how to do the setup.

This feature is not available in standard version and requires custom project to enable it.

Setup overview

  1. You need an android device compatible with Boostmyshop Mobile
  2. You need a zebra printer compatible with Zebra browser print application
  3. You need to install zebra browser print on each mobile device and associate one zebra printer (you can share the same printer with several mobile devices)
  4. Tested printers:
    1. Zebra ZQ630

Install Zebra browser print

First you need to install Zebra browser print on your android device.

You can download the application from here:

Next, follow the instructions to configure it:

Boostmyshop mobile configuration

Open Boostmyshop mobile, click on the gear icon, select "Settings" tab and scroll down until the "Zebra settings" section:

Then configure it this way:
  1. Configure the zebra printer IP address to ""
  2. Then click on button "Refresh printers list"
  3. Select your printer in the printers dropdown
  4. Click on save button
  5. Restart the application
  6. Open the zebra settings again and click on "Print test label" button, you should get a "Test label boostmyshop" printed

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