BoostMyShop Auto print for windows

BoostMyShop Auto print for windows


BoostMyShop provides a windows software to automatically print PDF generated by Connect such as shipping label. 

Connect is available through the browser only. When you select a print action in Connect, the PDF is download by the browser.

BoostMyShop  Auto Print will then catch the downloaded file and depending of the file name, send it automatically to the printer without any user action.

Install BoostMyShop Auto Print

Install Foxit reader

Connect auto print requires foxit reader to send the PDF files to the printer.

Go to Foxit Reader downloads page.

Then, you should see Foxit PDF Reader in the downloads list :

Click on Free Download, select your language and click again on Download to get the extension.

Then, simply run the installation file downloaded to install Foxit Reader on your computer.

Install BoostMyShop Auto Print

You can Download BoostMyShop  Auto Print here :
Once downloaded, unzip the file
Connect Auto Printer folder contains 2 files :
  1. ConnectAutoPrint.exe : This is executable. Open it to run ConnectAutoPrint.
  2. pref.xml : ConnectAutoPrint user settings. This is the file needed to edit to configure ConnectAutoPrint.
Open ConnectAutoPrint.exe to continue.


Open AutoPrint.exe and click on the Configuration button : 

The next screen show the configuration options : 

  1. Download directory : this is the directory where files are downloaded from your computer, it is automatically configured but you can change it
    1. Note that it depends on what directory your web browser downloads files to 
  2. Foxit reader path : path to the foxit reader executable, it should be populated automatically if foxit reader has been installed
    1. Exemple : C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Reader\FoxitPDFReader.exe
  3. Send documents to printer : here you can associate file names with printers. For instance, invoices files downloaded from Connect is named invoice_XXX.pdf. If you wish to automatically send them to a printer, you must add a row with filename = invoice_(.*).pdf and select the matching printer. 
    1. For shipping labels you need to use 1 line per carrier since each file name is different
"Send documents to printer" is only for PDF files and "Custom commands" is only for ZPL files

When the configuration is done, click on save button : your changes are saved and the application is closed, you need to open it again to apply changes.

Label printing in ZPL format (Zebra thermal printer)

Some carriers allow you to print your labels in ZPL format. This format allows you to optimize the printing of the label (quality, size).

Setting up your printer

To enable direct printing in ZPL, you need to create a new printer dedicated to this mode. 

1/ Go to the system configuration of your printers and select these options :

2/ Add a local printer

3/ Select printer port :

4/ Choose Generic / Generic / Text Only

5/ Replace current driver

6/ Choose a name for the printer

Setting the ZPL print mode for the carrier

In the carrier configuration, select the ZPL mode :

2/ Set the suffix of the label file :
In the "Export" tab, define a file name with the suffix .zpl as follows :

3/ Add a custom line in Auto print 

In the "custom commands" section :
  1. Filename pattern : example geodis_(.*).zp
  2. Command line : "C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe" /pt "$fileName" "ZPLPRINT"
       Path to windows notepad software
       Name of your previously created printer

Do not put the ZPL commande line in the "send documents to printer" section

Use with BoostMyShop Mobile Application

If you pack orders using Boostmyshop Mobile, shipping labels are not downloaded on the application so Boostmyshop Auto print can not process them.
To print shipping labels with Autoprint when you use BoostMyShop Mobile, you must configure the API credentials on Boostmyshop AutoPrint : to do it, open AutoPrint and click on "Configuration" Button, then go in section "API credentials" : 

  1. Url : this is your Boostmyshop server url, without any /admin at the end
  2. Login : your boostmyshop login
  3. Password : your boostmyshop Password
Then hit save button and restart the application.

If API credentials are not working, you'll get a notification : 

When credentials are working, you can see the last check timestamp in the bottom left corner : 

Once connection is working, simply process an order packing from the Mobile application, shipping label will be downloaded and printed by Autoprint


If you have any issues, you can check the log.txt file in the autoprint fold that is generated after attempting to print a file.

You can provide that in your support ticket to help locate the issue

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