AutoPrint Web - Print shipping labels from mobile App

AutoPrint Web - Print shipping labels from mobile App

Autoprint web is a feature allowing to send shipping labels to printer when you pack orders from BMS Mobile application.


To use Autoprint Web, you need:
  1. A mobile device with BMS Mobile to pack orders
  2. A computer ("AutoPrint station") with a shipping label printer
  3. Boostmyshop Autoprint app installed and configured on the computer:


To configure AutoPrint Web, you first need to ask Boostmyshop to enable the feature on your account (this may require extra fee on your subscription)

First you need to create one user for each AutoPrint station (ie: computer with a printer connected), for this, go in the account configuration section (top right icon) and go in the "Users" tab.

You need to create one user for each Autoprint station and assign them role "Autoprint station".

In the example below, we have configured 2 printing stations:

Once the station user are created, you need to assign an autoprint station to each real user (doing this, you associate a printer to each user) :

Open a session on the AutoPrint computer

Once the configuration is done, go on the computer and log in myFulfillment using the AutoPrint user.

AutoPrint station users have only on screen available, which logs documents received and their status.

Each time an order is packed from the BMS Mobile application, a new record is added here, the shipping label is automatically printed and is sent to the computer using AutoPrint for windows.

If you need to print a document again, you can click on the "Download" link on the right.

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