BMS Mobile

BMS Mobile

BMS Mobile is an Android Application to handle stock operations. 


You can install the app directly from the Play store :


BoostMyShop mobile is compatible with any Android device running Android version from 4.1.

For barcode scanning, BoostMyShop Mobile supports : 
  1. Smartphone camera to capture the barcode
  2. Any barcode reader with bluetooth interface. 
The following devices have been tested and validated with BoostMyShop Mobile : 
  1. opticon 2005 (small bluetooth scanner)
  2. ScanSku - Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D) (
  3. M3 Mobile - M3 SM15W
  4. Zebra "MC330K" (Make sure to have DataWedge version 8.2 or more)

Compatibility issue :
If you see this message on the play store even if your version is recent enough its because Google updated it's policy and forces us to update our app to require the lastest android version.

To fix that, download the zip file from this documentation, unzip it to get the .apk file and head over to this page.
The apk is made to work with older android versions.


First login

At the first execution, you are requested to enter the connection details : 

  1. Endpoint : Connect server URL (with https, for example :  )
  2. Login : your Connect login
  3. Password : your connect password
Then, click on the "Connect" button to save.


The second tab "Others" (named "Settings" in last app version) contains advance configuration options : 

until v-1.0.6 :

from v-1.0.7 :

Order preparation

  1. Warehouse : select the warehouse you are working on, it is used in picking / packing orders screens.
  2. Single order picking : Enable picking order by order.
  3. Preparation by batch : Enable this option if you use batches in order preparation.
  4. Enable picking per bin : Enable this option if you use pick your orders using a bins cart.


  1. Key press mode : Select which event will be triggered to detect scanned digits. Default one is "Key up", any change to this option requires an app restart.
If no barcode is being retrieved on your device when you scan one, change this option and restart the app, it should fix this issue.

Global navigation

You can navigate into the different menu using the button in the top left corner : 

if you need to change the settings (mostly the user details), use the gear button in the top right corner : 

To scan a barcode using the camera, click on the camera button in the bottom right corner : 

The area in the bottom left corner displays information messages and errors : 

Products menu

The products menu allows to scan a barcode, shows product details, edit product location and stock level.

To acces this menu, select the "products" entry in the main menu, then scan a barcode using the barcode scanner or the camera button : 

You will then see the product picture, SKU, barcode and manufacturer.
Under product information are the stock details : for each warehouse, you can see the physical stock, stock available and shelf location (on the right).

To edit the shelf location, click on the location and scan the new location barcode : 

To edit physical stock level, click on a warehouse record, change the quantity using the slider, enter a description (optionnal) and save : 


The picking screen is designed to help you to collect products using optimized picking path and checking picked products with a barcode scanner.
To acces this menu, select the "Picking" entry in the main menu. 
The picking screen shows every products to pick for orders in the Order preparation > In progress tab for the current user :

Products are grouped by location.
The quantity picked and the quantity to pick are shown on the right.

To validate a product, you can scan its barcode OR click on the product : then, a popup opens where you can check product details and confirm the quantity picked using the "confirm picking" button : 

You can check the picking progress from the header bar : 

Depending of the picking progress, product background color changes : 
  1. White background : product not picked
  2. Orange background : product partially picked
  3. Green background : product completely picked


The packing menu allows to pack orders.

Note : orders must be added in the "In progress" tab in order preparation to be able to process them.

The next step is to scan order barcode printed on the picking document : 

You will then see the products to pack on the App : 

Next you must scan product barcodes (or click on the product) to confirm the quantity packed. When a product quantity is partially scanned, product is highlighted in red, once all products are picked product is highlithed in green :


The reception screen is designed to receive purchase orders.
To acces this menu, select the "Reception" entry in the main menu.

You must first select the supplier : 

Once the supplier is selected, you must select the purchase order to receive.
Note : only purchase orders having status "Excepted" are available.

Once the PO is selected, the list of products is shown and you can scan products to create a new reception : 

Depending of the quantity scanned for a product, the background color will change : 

  1. White background : product not scanned
  2. Orange background : quantity received is lower than the quantity ordered
  3. Green background : quantity received matches to the quantity ordered
  4. Red background : quantity received is over the quantity ordered
You can also manually confirm the quantity receive for a product clicking on the product, then select the quantity with the slider and save : 

Once all products are picked, click on button "Save reception" at the end of the product list and confirm.

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