New Version release on Mobile APP - 1.0.17

New Version release on Mobile APP - 1.0.17

A new version of Boostmyshop myFulfillment mobile app has been deployed on the Google store (1.0.17).


Boostmyshop myFulfillment 1.0.17 includes several bug fixes and better management of the "Receptions" section of the app.

Here is a sum-up of changes applied :



     Fix for a bad "page transition" display.

     Barcodes containing a dot "." character are now readable by a barcode scanner.



     Product's shelf location can be updated now from the popup which opens on clicking a product in any Purchase Order(PO) reception screen.

     Automated scroll of items when scanned on receiving PO.

     The app will now keep tabs on which Supplier / PO which was last processed, and will automatically display it when going back to the "Receptions" tab.

     Added buttons to the footer for easy navigation between the "Reception" tab screens.



     Product names & SKUs are now correctly displayed on multiple lines when too long


For more information: myFullfillment-Mobile-APP
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