Quick Start - Integrations

Quick Start - Integrations

Integrations are used by Connect to communicate with stores like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop.

Global schema

Whatever CMS you use, the global schema is always the same : 

Use your CMS to : 
  1. Create products, update product information
  2. Get orders

Use Connect to : 
  1. Manage inventory
  2. Create purchase orders
  3. Ship orders


Arrows between CMS and Connect are Feeds. Each feed in Connect can have a specific schedule : 

Note : you can manually run a feed clicking on button "Run now"

The table below summarizes the main feeds available : 

Import new product
Grab new products from CMS and import them in Connect.
Note : images are not imported at that time
Update products
Grab ALL products from the CMS to update product information in Connect, like sku, name, weight, barcode etc...
This feed can be pretty heavy, it is recommended to run it once a day
Import product images
Download images for newly created products

Import new orders
Check new orders and import them in Connect (if the order status applies)

Update orders
Update orders in Connect if they changed in the CMS. For instance, if an order is canceled in CMS, it will be cancelled in Connect
Note : this supports only orders status, order products or address are never updated in Connect
Import stock level
Pull stock level from CMS to initialize in Connect
Ran only once during setup OR for the go live, after you MUST manage stock in Connect.
Import suppliers
Import suppliers in Connect
Prestashop only
Import product / supplier
Import associations between products & supplier
Prestashop only
Stock level export
Push stock available to CMS
Must be enabled ONLY for live account
Stock check
Nightly check to ensure that stock match between Connect and CMS

Shipping confirmation
Push shipment and tracking number to CMS
Must be enabled ONLY for live account
Only paid / valid orders are imported in Connect. If the "import new orders" found a new order not paid yet, the order is put on the side, and every hour, Connect will check if order is now valid. 

You can monitor feed execution from menu Integration > Feed executions.

Error management

Connect distinguishes 3 severity levels for errors : 
  1. Info : this is an error matching to a business rule, there is nothing to do. Example: order not imported because it is canceled
  2. Retry : Connect will automatically retry until it works. Example : Order not imported because its status is "pending payment"
  3. Error : this error requires manual fix. Example : unknown shipping method

When an error happens, a bell in the top right corner is displayed with error details : 

It is important to Click on the error message to understand the problem and fix it.

Test mode / Production mode

When a new integration is created, only feeds from CMS to Connect are enabled. It means that you can see all your real data in Connect BUT any change done in Connect is not reflected on the CMS.
Basically, stock updates and shipping confirmation are NOT sent to CMS.

Once you are ready to go live, contact us, we will then perform the required verifications and enable the feeds from Connect to your CMS

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