Quick Start - Products

Quick Start - Products

Products are imported and updated from your CMS, you can not create a product in Connect.

Product list is available from menu "Products", clicking on a row brings you to the Product detail view.

Here are the main details available from the product view :
  1. Overview : from here you can see stock levels per warehouse and create a new stock movement
  2. Suppliers tab : show suppliers associated to the product, you can link a new supplier and edit details here
  3. Purchase orders tab : history of every PO for this product
  4. Stock movements tab : list of all stock operation done on the product
  5. Orders to ship tab : customer orders to ship with this product
  6. All orders tab : history of every orders for this product
  7. Attributes tab : product information

Connect supports different types of products : 
  1. Simple : normal products
  2. Aliases : several products with the same inventory.
  3. Kit : products containing other products : Kit products

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