Preview your strategy

Preview your strategy

"Preview your strategy" typically allows you to check the pricing strategy before applying it. This feature allows you to see how your pricing strategy might influence the calculation of your optimised price.

For example, you can forecast the impact of changes in your costs, the addition of a new product category or competitive market trends.
After previewing your repricing strategy, you'll be able to optimise it further to maximise your profitability.

This feature will be useful for sellers who want to assess the impact of their pricing strategy before making changes to their prices in the market.

If the desired inputs are not correct, you will get an error in the min max price grid. You have to recalculate the strategy or check the file importation format.

If the results are good and as expected, the final step is to push the calculated prices on the connect channel by clicking on "Synchronize your optimized prices on your sales channel '

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