Quick Start - Order preparation

Quick Start - Order preparation

Order preparation screen provides a workflow to pick / pack / ship orders.

To access this screen, select menu Sales > Order Preparation

Order selection

This steps consists in selecting a batch of orders and add them in the In progress tab.

Note : it is recommended to process batches of 20 orders

Orders are distributed in 4 tabs : 
  1. In stock : orders that you can fully ship
  2. Partial : orders for which you can do only a partial shipment
  3. Backorder : no product can be shipped
  4. On hold : orders put on hold
To add an order to the in progress tab, use the mass action OR the "Pack" link on the right :

In the bottom left corner, you can change the current Packer (operator) and warehouse.


Once orders are added to the In progress tab, hit button "Picking" in the bottom right corner.

This will download a PDF with 2 sections : 
  1. Global picking list : summarizes every products to pick in the warehouse to select all orders
  2. Order packing document : one page per order, summarizing order details

You can then take a cart and go through the warehouse to pick products.

Packing & Shipping

Once products are picked, go back to the computer and click on the "Packing" step.

Then take the first Order packing document, scan the barcode : Connect shows order details on the screen :

You must then scan products (to ensure that you pick the correct product for the correct order),  edit weight / parcels dimenstion if needed and hit button "Commit packing".

Once the packing is confirmed, the shipping label is automatically downloaded and sent to the printer, according to the order shipping method.

To automatically send shipping label to the printer, install Connect AutoPrint

Repeat this step for every orders in the batch.

End of batch

Once all orders in the "In progress" tab are shipped, hit button "Flush shipped orders" to start a new batch.

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