Results Grid

Results Grid

Result grid overview

The left part, where the columns are blue, comes from your CMS.

The number of columns depends on the number of fields you have configured during the Catalog Import - mapping procedure

The right part of the result grid comes from our calculation and data retrieve from the Channels selected

  1. Min. Price
  2. Online Price
  3. Max. Price
  4. Margin
  5. 1st place
  6. 1st place price
  7. Current position
  8. Estimated position

Filter the result by status

  1. BuyBox Winner
  2. Challenger
  3. Out of Competition
  4. No Offers
  5. Not Assiocated
  6. Error
  7. Disabled

Access to product view

By clicking on a specific row/product you will be able to access the product view details
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