Sales history

Sales history


Products sales history can be automatically calculated in Boostmyshop myFulfillment, based on 3 ranges. These statistics can then be used to calculate low stock level and help to take purchasing/replenishment decisions. For instance, checkout the below attachment. 

In the above example : 
  1. 100 units have been sold during the 32 last weeks (3.1 by week in average)
  2. 61 units have been sold during the 16 last weeks (3.8 by week in average)
  3. 20 units have been sold during the 4 last weeks  (5 by week in average)

Configure sales history

You can configure sales history ranges by navigating to "Configuration > Products > Sales history".

Update sales history

The sales history update is done when the "Update sales history" feed of the "Cron" integration is run.
Note : if you do not have a "Cron" integration already created in your Boostmyshop myFulfillment account, go to menu "Integrations", then click on button "Create new integration", finally select type "Cron" and save.
In the "Cron" integration, we advise to configure the "Update sales history" feed once a day :

Note : If you need to update statistics immediately, click on "Run now" to execute the feed manually.

Export sales history

To export current sales history, go into menu "Reports > Product sales statistics"
From there, you can export the grid data into a CSV file using the "Export to" massaction available on top of the grid :

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