Stock level backup

Stock level backup

Stock level backup

Connect is able to process a backup of your warehouse(s) stock levels everyday, saving results in CSV files that will then be available for download from the warehouse screen.


All the stock levels backup will be setup through a Connect integration, the "Cron" integration.
We will now see how to setup this integration and then how to schedule the stock levels backup.

1. Cron integration creation

You can skip this step if you have already created a Cron integration
  1. Go in menu integrations > Integration
  2. Click on button "New integration"
  3. Create new integration with the following details : 
    1. Title : Cron
    2. Enabled: enabled
    3. Type : Cron
    4. Then save

2. Warehouses selection

Once the Cron integration has been created and saved, go into its "Configuration" tab.
There you will find a "Stock level backup settings" section :

In the warehouses list, select all the warehouse you want to enable the stock level export for.

3. Feed schedule

Once warehouses have been selected in previous step, you will be able to schedule the stock level backup feed, that will take care to export your warehouse(s) stock everyday.
To do it, go in the Feeds tab and find the "Stock level backup" feed.
Then, set its schedule to "Custom schedule" and set the custom schedule to "23h50 as shown on this screenshot :

It is important to not schedule this feed more often than one time everyday, as Connect will only backup one export file per warehouse everyday.


Once the stock level backup feed has been scheduled (see previous steps), a new stock level file will be generated and stored by Connect everyday, for each warehouse previously selected in the "Cron" integration configuration.
All those files will then be available for download from the warehouses edition screen, in the "Stock history" tab :

The "Stock history" grid will display, for the warehouse currently edited, one row per export file found.
  1. The "Product count" column will display how many products were found in the file exported
  2. The "Valuation" column will display the sum of all product "row_value", which itself is equals to : {product_cost} x {product_physical_quantity}.
If no cost is found for a product, its "row_value" will be equals to 0.

To download a stock level backup, find it in the grid and click on "Download" in the last column.

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