Import serial & lot numbers

Import serial & lot numbers

Serial numbers and Lot numbers import

There are several ways in myFulfillment to create new sources (serial numbers and lot numbers).
You can do it through the New stock movement sectionthrough the Purchase order reception screen, or directly by importing a CSV file containing all the sources data.
This article will describe how the sources import wizard works, stock movement creation and purchase order reception being described in articles link above.

In the Wizards section (available from the left menu), a "Lot numbers & Serial numbers" wizard is available in the "Data import" section :

This wizard has been designed to easily import all your products sources data from a CSV file through a few steps.
You will be able using the import to create or update sources data.
  1. If the type of the source to create is serial number, all data will be updatable except the source code, used as any source identifier. The source quantity will only be updatable to a maximum value of 1.
  2. If the type of the source to create is lot number, all data will be updatable

File import

In the first step, select the warehouse where sources should be imported (sources for a product are defined at warehouse level, more information in the "Getting started" article).
Then, select the file to import following the requierements of the help section displayed on the left side of the popup.

Columns mapping

In the second step, you will be able to map each column of your CSV file to match sources data, by using the drop-down menus available in the grid displayed on the screen.

File check

In the third step, a screen split between different sections will help you to check sources data you are trying to import before realizing the final import.

File data issues

This section will display sources for which the import process would result in an error, with details of the error displayed in the "Error" column.
Sources displayed there will not be processed through the final import.

Products not existing

This section will display sources for which SKU provided in the file can't be found in myFulfillment.

Products without stock traceability mode

This section will display sources related to a product which have no stock traceability mode assigned yet.
From the grid displayed, you will be able for each product to select which stock traceability mode should be assigned to it.

Assigning a stock traceability mode to a product will reset its stock level in all warehouses it is associted to.
This is due to the fact that sources management for a product require a stock synchronisation and so a reset of all warehouses stock level.
The "New stock traceability mode" column displays a drop-down menu that will be automatically set on the stock traceability mode mathing data you are trying to import for a source.
If you define only a source code for a source in your file, serial number will be pre-selected.
If you define a source code and an expiry date for a source in your file, lot number will be pre-selected.

You can still manually change the stock traceability mode that will be assigned to a product by using the drop-down menus available.
If you manually select None, no stock traceability mode will be assigned to the product, and so sources related will not be imported.

Sources to update

This section will display sources already existing in myFulfillment, that will be updated by the import process.

Sources tocreate

This section will display sources not already existing in my Fulfillment, that will be created by the import process.

Import results

This section will display the final result of the import.
You can check from there how many sources have been processed successfully, and how many couldn't be imported correctly.
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