Account configuration

Account configuration

How to access

The account configuration is available clicking on the configuration icon located at the top-right corner :

It will lead you to a new page from where all account configurations can be made :

How to configure


You will find in this section information related to your Boostmyshop myFulfillment subscription.


  1. Locale : Set the language for your account and based on this the timezone will be fixed. 
  2. Currency : Your base currency.
  3. Logo : Printed on PDF and emails.
  4. Company name, Main contact, Street 1 & 2, City, postcode, region, country, telephone, tax number : Used in PDF and emails.
  5. Email : This email acts as the point of contact with Boostmyshop and suppliers (e.g., PO notification, Dropship PO, etc..). 
  6. Pdf : you can enter here up to 3 lines of text that need to be printed on the invoice, shipment and order PDF.


This tab consists of different sections of generalized product information:
  1. Product grid : Choose Yes or No from the dropdown to display(Menu > products) the following columns : Category / Color / Size.
  2. Sales history : Define 3 periods (in terms of weeks) on which the sales history should be generated, For more information :
  3. Product availability : Define the product availability as stated by the document link :
  4. Barcode label : Set the products barcode labels which will be generated by Boostmyshop myFulfillment. For more information :


  1. General : Choose Yes or No from the dropdown to display the following columns : Shipping cost / Margin.
  2. Advanced Rules : By clicking on the Configure button against Warehouse Routing and Order carrier rules, you will be diverted to the respective page. 
  3. Product Return : 
    1. Return address :  This is the address to which customers will return their product and this is displayed in the RMA PDF. 
    2.  Instructions : Define instructions for customers to follow on return process.  This will be displayed in the RMA PDF.

Order preparation

  1. Preparation steps
Choose Yes in the dropdowns to select any of the following to be displayed at the bottom of Order preparation page which allows you to process the orders in bulk - Picking, Packing, Mass create invoice and shipment, Download PDF and Shipping.

  1. Preparation by batch : 
    1. You can enable the Batch preparation by opting Yes in the dropdown.
    2. The minimum and maximum number of orders that can be allotted under each batch type (single, multiple, unique) can be specified here. Do click on this link for more information on batch wise order preparation. 
  1. Picking
It allows you to customize the picking PDF :
  1. Pdf layout:
    1. Large font with image : Define a large font with products images.
    2. Small font : Define a small font without any products image.
  2. Include global pick list : This includes the global pick list to the picking PDF. 
  1. Packing
These toggles allows you to configure what documents need to be automatically downloaded when you confirm order packing.
  1. Download documents
Select here the documents to be included in the PDF generated when you hit the button "Download documents" from the order preparation screen.


The Boxtal and Amazon labels shipping methods can be configured here by entering the required credentials. 


  1. CC : enter here an email address (or several, separated with a comma) to CC emails sent to suppliers.
  2. Enable automatic purchase order : enable this option if you want to configure rules to automatically create purchase orders / dropship orders.


Enter here the SMTP settings to use your own identity when  myFulfillment sends emails to suppliers or customers. Use this help link to learn on how to configure SMTP settings. 


New users can be added and the existing user details can be modified. Do refer this help doc for detailed procedure on this. 

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