Global configurations

Global configurations

Global configuration is available from menu Settings 


You will find in this section information related to your Connect subscription.

General tab

  1. Locale : this is the language of your account, it is mostly used to set date format
  2. Currency : your based currency
  3. Logo : printed on PDF and emails
  4. Company name, Main contact, Street 1 & 2, City, postcode, region, country, telephone, tax number : used for PDF and emails
  5. Email : this email is used as expediter for emails sent from Connect
  6. Pdf : you can enter here up to 3 lines of text that are printed on the invoice, shipment and order PDF


In this section you can define : 
  1. Return address :  This is the address on which customer will send the products to return, this one is displayed on the RMA PDF.
  2. Instructions : There are instructions to define for customers for a return. It will be displayed on the RMA PDF.


Into this section you can, from :

  1. The "General" section, display or not onto the products's grid (Menu > products) the following columns : Category / Color / Size
  2. The "Sales history", define 3 periods (in weeks) on which the sales history is based, for more information : 
  1. The section "Barcode label", set the products barcode labels which will be generated by Connect. For more information : 

Shipping tab

In this section, you can set up your shipping accounts depending on the carrier or shipping provider.

Purchasing tab

  1. CC : enter here an email address (or several, separated with a comma) to CC emails sent to suppliers
  2. Enable automatic purchase order : enable this option if you want to configure rules to automatically create purchase orders / dropship orders

Order preparation tab

Preparation steps

These toggles allows to customize the order preparation process


Those options allow you to customize the picking PDF :
  1. Pdf layout:
    1. Large font with image : Define a large font with products images.
    2. Small font : Define a small font without any products images.
  1. Include global pick list : Include a first PDF with the list of all products of all orders which are into the 'In progress' tab.


These toggles allow to configure what documents are automatically downloaded when you confirm order packing.

Download documents

Select here the documents to include in the PDF generated when you hit button "Download documents" from the order preparation screen.

System tab

Enter here the SMTP settings to use your own identity when Connect sends emails to suppliers or customers.

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