Quick Start - Procurement

Quick Start - Procurement

Procurement includes the following features : 
  1. Suppliers management
  2. Attach products to suppliers
  3. Purchasing recommendations (supply needs)
  4. Purchase orders management.


You can manage suppliers from menu Purchasing > Suppliers.

You can mass import suppliers from a csv file using menu Wizard > Data import > Suppliers

For more details about suppliers, you can read the Supplier article
Note : if you run a Prestashop website, you can also import suppliers from Prestashop using feed "Supplier import"

Product / Supplier associations

Linking a product and a supplier means that a product can be supplied from a supplier.

This is mostly used to : 
  1. Filter products to buy by supplier
  2. Initialize product buying price when you add it in a PO

Product supplier association mostly contains : 
  1. Supplier SKU
  2. Buying price (using supplier currency)
  3. Is it the primary supplier
  4. Pack qty (if you need to buy product by increment quantity)
You can import product / supplier association using menu Wizard > Data import > Product supplier association

You can find more detailed information about  product / supplier details on this page.

Note : product / supplier association is not mandatory, if the link between a product and a supplier doesnt exist, it will be created automatically at the first purchase order.

Low stock levels

For each product, you can configure a warning and an ideal stock level : 

In the example above, Connect will recommend to purchase the product when the quantity available will reach 10 (warning stock level).
The recommendation will be to buy 20 units, to reach the Ideal stock level.

You can learn more about the warning and ideal stock level

Supply needs

Supply needs summarizes the products you should buy to supplier, it is available in menu Purchasing > Replenishment : 

This list contains products matching to at least one condition : 
  1. Product purchased by customer but out of stock
  2. Product quantity is below the warning stock level
From this screen, you can easily filter products by supplier using the last column, select the quantity to purchase for each product using the "Qty to order" column, and create a new purchase order draft using the "Create a new purchase order" button in the top right corner.

For a complete review of this feature, go on the Supply needs page

Purchase orders management

To create a new purchase order or to list existing ones, go in menu Purchasing > Purchase orders.

Here are the main sections / actions when you are viewing a purchase order : 
  1. Miscellaneous tab : contains financial data like currency and shipping cost
  2. Products tab : contains products in the PO, with quantities and buying price
  3. Add products tab : use this tab to add products in the PO
  4. Receptions tab : list already received products
  5. Print button : generates a PDF
  6. Notify button : sends an email to the supplier with the PDF attached
  7. receive button : use it to create a new reception
You can also receive purchase orders using the BMS Mobile Android application

Advanced features 

  1. List products to be received from menu Purchasing > Expected products
  2. Dropshipping

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