Quick Start - Stock management

Quick Start - Stock management


Everything starts with Warehouse configuration. By default, 1 warehouse is created.
If you wish to rename it, select menu Inventory > Warehouses, click on the warehouse, update the name and save.

For more details about warehouses : Warehouses management

Understand the different stock levels

If you go in a product view, you'll see 4 different stock levels : 

  1. On hand : this is the quantity you have in the warehouse (also called Physical quantity)
  2. To ship : quantity to ship to customers
  3. Reserved : quantity of the product which is already allocated to sales orders
  4. Available : quantity in stock you can sell

These stock levels are changed when : 
  1. On hand : updated when you ship and order (decreased) or receive a purchase order (increased)
  2. To ship : updated when a new order is imported, when an order is shipped or canceled
  3. Reserved : updated when a new order is imported, when an order is shipped or canceled
  4. Available :  updated when quantity on hand / to ship changes

Import stock

If you wish to initialize stock levels, you have 2 options : 
  1. Import from a csv file : select menu Wizard and click on wizard Data Import > Stock and location. Then follow the guide
  2. Import from a CMS : select menu Integrations > Manage integrations, click on your integration, select tab "Feeds" and click on button "Run now" next to feed "Import stock level"

Update single stock

The best way to update stock is to use stock movements : select menu products and click on your product. From the "Configuration" tab, you can create a stock movement

You can also update stock from menu Inventory > Bulk editor : search product, update quantity and save !

Stock transfer

If you need to transfer large quantities of products, the stock transfer is the best option : 
  1. Create a new transfer from menu Inventory > Stock transfer
  2. Select the source and target warehouse, save
  3. Add products in the transfer
  4. Print the transfer (PDF)
  5. Apply the transfer to move the quantities

Stock control / Stock take

If you need to check stock levels, several options : 
  1. Create a Stock take, scan products and apply to update quantities
  2. You can also use the BMS Mobile application to quickly scan a product and check / update quantity
  3. If you dont have a android phone with built in barcode scanner, you can use the barcode inventory feature with "Manual adjustment" mode 

Track stock changes

To check logs of stock changes, select menu "Product", search and click on the product and select tab "Stock movements"
You'll see an history of every stock movements done for the product : 

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